Monday, October 06, 2008

Online running logs

I'm obsessed with viewing my run data from my Garmin Forerunner 205! Problem is I can't find the one killer web app that has enough features to keep me from looking for a better place to store my run data. I have found a couple of sites that will extract and upload run data directly from the watch using the Garmin Communicator Plugin. Several others out there will allow a manual upload of GPS derived data files (e.g. pgx, tcx). Still others are strictly manual entry. Below is what I have found so far. If you know of others, let me know:

Sites that support Garmin Communicator Plugin

Run Saturday

Run Saturday is the most complete site I have found to date. It allows uploads straight from my Garmin Forerunner or SportTracks and displays plenty of lap and chart data for runs. It also has a nice collection of blog sharing capabilities.

Trimble Outdoors

Running Charts


Garmin Connect

Beginner Triathlete


Cyclogz (cycling)

MTBGuru (cycling)


Sites that allow manual upload of GPS files

BiM Active

Nokia Sports Tracker



Sites that allow manual entry of run data



Buckeye Outdoors


We Endure

Breaking The Tape



That's what I have found so far. I'm still looking and I haven't been looking for long, so maybe the killer app is out there hiding somewhere.


Henk said...

Perhaps you will find interesting enough to add to your list..

I created it to make maps for the Garmin 205 and 305 fitness devices, but it has nice features for other GPS devices as well.. And best of all, it is compatible with the Garmin Communicator Plugin to retrieve and send data.


Mike said...

You top the list in google search for 'linux'. I started running for health and to play with my gps. I've been logging my runs on, it works well but I've been running Garmin Training Center on an old Win XP notebook. GTC is my last non-Linux app keeping the old notebook around. I can get tracks out of my Forerunner 305 with GPSBabel but it doesn't mesh with on upload. I guess I should complain to them ;) Any advice would be appreciated.

Larry Who said...

I have been able to run SportTracks under linux using mono and configure it to retrieve data from my Garmin. Once in SportTracks, the data can be exported in fitlog or gpx format. I don't use regularly anymore, but I do know can import both fitlog and gpx files. Maybe can do the same. This approach might get you off of that old notebook for good!

Anonymous said... now allows upload via GPX and directly via Garmin. See

T├Ánis Saag said...

Adding our to this list. It's a training log and race-focused community for endurance sports enthusiasts.
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